Global Luxury

Lets Talk About Our Global Reach

The Coldwell Banker Global Luxury SM program sets the benchmark for modern luxury real estate marketing, continuing the legacy established more than 80 years ago. The essence of this elite program is simple: combine the prestige of the Coldwell Banker name with the top luxury real estate masters and the reach of a robust international network in 48 countries and territories. The result is an unparalleled fusion of leadership and experience in one program.

Lets Our NumbersTell The Story

Coldwell Banker is the number one global luxury real estate powerhouse, in a class by itself, selling more luxury homes globally than any other company.



in $1 Million+ Sales Each Day

Average sale price


of $1 Million+ transaction sides



sides of $1 million+ transaction sides

Marketing Masters

We are Modern Marketing Masters

How do you stir the senses and inspire the minds of the world’s most discerning clients?

Innovation. The Coldwell Banker ® legacy in luxury traces the evolution of the modern affluent client, leading the future of luxury real estate marketing from a time when motion picture was the new technology of the day to the dawn of video, and on to the new horizons of virtual reality today. With an eye towards the future, the Coldwell Banker Global LuxurySM program continues to establish a new gold standard for how the world’s finest properties are bought and sold.