Gastronomic Rumblings: HOPS Culture

The Hyman Avenue Mall in Aspen has seen quite a lot of turnover in establishments over the last several years.  Earlier this summer an interesting addition to the food and beverage mix opened up at 414 E Hyman Avenue next to CB Paws.  HOPS Culture, as you might guess by the name, is about beer.  But it’s more than just another Aspen bar.

HOPS is dedicated to craft brews.  A rotating menu of about 200 beers from Colorado and around the world offer connoisseurs and regular folks something new and interesting to try every time you visit.  The sour beers, for one, are new to some of us and the servers helpfully explain and guide us in our hops adventures.  The 414 Club allows you to get a beer a day for a year; try not to repeat!

Certainly the first time you go in, you’re going to want to spend some time absorbing all that’s offered at HOPS.  Aspen dining is usually more than sitting down and ordering your regular meal.  HOPS, too involves pondering a surprising menu full of beers, wines, and interesting mule mixologies.  The space is such a pleasant place to sit (designed by Joseph Spears of S2 Architects) you will enjoy the time it takes to peruse and decide.

Yes, have some food with your drinks.  It’s fabulous, fresh, and homemade. Gluten-free dishes will please many of you.  Plus, the kids menu opens up the clientele for the establishment, and gives us parents dining choices also.

So if you’ve heard the buzz about HOPS Culture, pay attention and then go see for yourself.