Current Interior Design Trends

As a realtor in the business of evaluating markets, keeping track of opportunities, and maintaining knowledge of real estate laws and issues, I also find myself in the middle of interior design discussions. And in Aspen, architecture and at times, interior design can rank toward the top in clients’ minds. Unlike the architecture of a property, the interior is much easier for a buyer or seller to change, obviously. A buyer often wants to change all or some of the decor in a home once purchased. Likewise, a seller may choose to revamp or at least stage their home’s interior in order to improve its saleability. The changes Aspen homeowners make parallel current trends and sometimes push toward the progressive edge.

Kirsten Schmit, of Decorative Materials in Aspen says, “Updating finishes is an effective way to renew and personalize a space. If you are preparing to sell, update with a new back splash or fireplace feature. As a buyer, think about changing the finish of one or two areas to customize the property right away.”

“Metallics are a fresh finish trend, especially in the mountains! Whether your choice of metallic is sleek and sophisticated or rustic with a weathered effect, both are certainly effective and unique finish choices.”

Stand-alone tubs and faucets have appeared in the work of a few designers. These fixtures save space and allow for all sorts of variety in bathroom design. While not everyone can take apart bathrooms to install a free-standing tub, I know my clients are rarely thwarted by a challenge.

This discussion could be endless. I may be improving my interior design expertise more than I realize. I look forward to discussing such things with more clients as time goes on!