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Aspen Real Estate



In Aspen real estate, you have countless brokers to choose from and firms lining its renowned streets, but none have the breadth of experience and proven track record of success that Brian Hazen does. He has been dealing Aspen real estate properties and serving both owners and buyers in the upper Roaring Fork Valley for more than 30 years. Currently Brian is vice president of Mason Morse, where he has a team of the resort’s most talented brokers helping him develop the best service available in Aspen real estate. He has brokered $750 million in transactions during his rise to the upper echelon of Aspen real estate, and has hundred of satisfied homeowners attesting to his impeccable personal touch and unparalleled business sense. For eleven out of the past twelve years, Brian has been the top seller in the Aspen/Snowmass market, and in 2005 set a personal best with $100 million in annual sales. But all that adds up to is the fact that buyers and sellers trust Brian Hazen to find properties they want and cut the deals they need. With integrity and hard work, he’s earned the trust of the biggest property owners and buyers in this competitive, challenging resort market. You can trust Brian, too.



Snowmass Real Estate



Brian Hazen has earned a position as the best-selling and most-trusted name in Snowmass real estate since he started dealing properties here thirty-plus years ago. In that time, he’s come to know not only the intricacies of the Snowmass real estate market but also the culture and trends of the Aspen/Snowmass area and the upper Roaring Fork Valley. When he’s not working for his clients to find the best properties or broker the most lucrative deals in Snowmass real estate, you’ll find Brian enjoying a many-splendored mountain lifestyle of golf, fishing, skiing and snowboarding. He understands why anyone who can afford it wants to live in Aspen and Snowmass – he lives here for the same reasons. His impeccable reputation in Snowmass real estate has earned Brian the most prestigious and lucrative client list in the Upper Roaring Fork Valley. He’s been the top producer in the local market for eleven out of the past twelve years and brokered $750 million in deals during his time here. As vice president of Mason Morse, he now has a team of expert brokers working under him to offer the finest and most personalized service in the Aspen area.